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In the B2B world, qualified sales leads are like gold—and prospecting for them takes a tremendous amount of time and money. Yet, even if you have legitimate prospects, timing is everything. Whether you're seeking to sell a product, piece of equipment, or land a new client for your firm, you need to be there when they start considering alternatives—early in the business-to-business buying cycle, and long before they tell anyone—to start shaping perceptions. No marketing strategy does that better than B2B search engine optimization.

Does search engine optimization matter for B2B? You bet it does. More than ever, prospects are using search engines to research business purchases. More than industry portals, buying guides, directories, and tradeshows. And search engines are the first place they go to do their research. Savvy B2B companies use search engine optimization to increase exposure, develop relationships, and drive new business.

Search engine optimization allows you to:

  • Engage prospects the moment they start considering a purchase—long before you even know who they are or the nature of their needs
  • Shape perceptions early in the business-to-business buying cyclebefore the buyer’s “short list” is established
  • Ensure exposure to qualified prospects
  • Increase the volume of qualified prospects entering the sales funnel
  • Dramatically increase the number of business-to-business leads and relationships
  • Reduce selling costs and prospecting time
  • Position your company as a leading solution provider to prospects’ needs

Proteus SEO was the first to specialize in B2B search engine optimization. Our firm has more than 20 years of experience exclusively serving business-to-business clients. We understand how to effectively market complex selling propositions through multiple channels in the B2B marketplace. Business-to-business. It’s all we do. It’s all we’ve ever done. Contact us at to talk about your specific challenges and how B2B search engine optimization can more effectively position your business and generate more qualified leads.

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