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Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Proteus  SEO is a division of Proteus B2B, a marketing consulting firm that specializes in repositioning business-to-business companies.  As getting found on the web has become  more difficult for companies, our SEO division was established to address the specialized challenges of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Truly effective B2B search engine optimization requires unique capabilities that integrate B2B marketing savvy with search engine optimization strategies.

Proteus SEO was the first to specialize in B2B search engine optimization. We understand how to effectively market complex selling propositions through multiple channels in the B2B marketplace. Business-to-business. Itís all we do. Contact us to talk about your specific challenges and how B2B search engine optimization can more effectively position your business and generate more qualified leads.

If you'd like to talk to us about B2B SEO, give us a call at 616.235.1122 or drop us a note using our contact page.

Proteus SEO

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The First to Specialize in Business-to-Business Search Engine Optimization

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