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Results of B2B SEO should speak for themselves. After all, you can go right to Google or Yahoo and see the results.

The case studies of most SEO firms, however, will often point to the rankings of only one or two keywords per client as evidence of their great results. With enough time, energy and determination, anyone can optimize a site for one or two keywords. And If everyone in the world used exactly that search term when searching, that would be great. But that’s not the way it works.

Most B2B businesses have many different products and services they sell to many different types of customers, all of whom use different search terms to research what they’re looking for. As a result, to be truly successful, a B2B site needs to be optimized for a wide range of the most likely search terms.

That’s where we come in. We’re experts at complex, concurrent optimization of multiple search terms. Whether you market globally or regionally, we’ll help you get positioned as a leader in your B2B industry and market. Below are just a few of the B2B SEO case studies that illustrate a broad range of complex optimization—and create sales and sales leads for our clients.

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