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There is no cookie-cutter approach to search engine optimization; each client requires a unique strategy and implementation plan designed around the clientís objectives and existing website. If youíre considering search engine optimization, check out some of the issues below and the other sections of this site, including our services and information in Search Mattersô. When your ready, give us a call or send us an email at.

Do I have to build an entirely new site to take advantage of search engine optimization?

Answer: It depends. Part of optimization is structural in nature. In many cases, the framework and architecture of an existing site may be suitable for optimization. In other cases, the way a site is built may prohibit it from being indexed by search engines. The content of your site may or may not require significant revision. Because every circumstance is unique, the only way to properly assess the extent to which revisions need to be made is to conduct an SEO Site Audit.

Can I build the site now and optimize it later?

Answer: You can, but you may spend much more money in the end. One nice thing about the web is that making changes is relatively easy. Changing a word or paragraph or adding a page is fairly simple. Changing the entire structure and design of your site is not. There are countless things you can do when building your site that will adversely affect your rankings in the search engine results and whether your site even gets indexed by the search engines. If you build your site the wrong way, youíll spend a lot of time and money doing it all over the right way.

Why doesnít our site show up in the search engine results?

Answer: It could be for any number of reasons. Perhaps your site has been well indexed by the search engines but is not ranking highly. On the other hand, only a small portion of your pages may have been indexed or that none have been indexed at all. Your poor performance may also be related to content, copy, and the proper keyword strategy. The only way to understand why youíre getting less-than-optimal results is to do a comprehensive SEO Site Audit.

Why does our site rank well with one search engine, but not others?

Answer: Different search engines use different algorithms to crawl and index sites. Your site may be highly indexed by one search engine and poorly by another. This may or may not be a problem; it depends which search engines are most used by your prospects. Itís important to identify which search engines are most used by prospects and to optimize your site for those search engines. Different optimization strategies are used for different search engines. Only an SEO Site Audit will begin to uncover the reasons for specific performance.

Will you guarantee specific rankings with the search engines?

Answer: No.

You should be very wary of any firm that will guarantee a number one, a top-five ranking, or any specific ranking results. No reputable, ethical firm will guarantee specific rankings. Thatís because there is simply no way to do it. Each search engine uses different algorithms to crawl and index sites. These algorithms are not published, and they change on a regular basis.

There are some sites and optimization firms that employ unethical practices to achieve high rankings. While potentially successful in the short term, these sites will likely not maintain these rankings; search engines employ very smart technology to index and investigate sites. They will demote and/or ban those sites employing unethical practices.

Search engine optimization in a long-term investment built on the knowledge and expertise of SEO professionals. We work on a best-efforts basis with the knowledge and expertise gained through years of experience. We will not employ questionable or unethical practices for the short-term gains of our clients or our firm.

Weíve spent a lot of money on the design of our site. Now I have to spend more to have it optimized?

Answer: Put simply, yes.

What youíve spent designing and building your site is irrelevant if people donít easily find you when searching for the products and services you sell.

Building a great, but non-optimized site is like hiring a superstar salesperson, putting her inside your building, telling her she can only receive incoming calls, and that she canít use the phones, fax machines, mail, or email for outgoing communications to prospects. Why would you do that? The value of a great salesperson rests in her ability to find and convert prospects.

The same is true for your site, except its value rests not in its ability to find prospects but rather to be found by prospects. Granted, your site may be just fine if your company is top-of-mind for prospects and prospects find your site by entering your companyís name in a search engine. But youíre likely missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of prospects that donít know you or donít think of you when they consider buying the types of products and services you sell.

The question isnít whether you should invest in optimizing your site. The question is: Why wouldnít you.

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