“Without a doubt, search engine optimization is one of the best marketing investments we’ve ever made.  Before, people searching for what we sell had to already know our name to find us on the web.  Today, click-throughs from organic search engine results represent two-thirds of all visitors to our site—and they find us for hundreds of industry search terms.  What’s more, 79 percent of all site visitors are first time visitors.

As we seek to market globally, ranking high in the search results not only increases exposure and creates leads, it also helps position Granco Clark as a global leader in the industry.”

Larry Difatta
President, Granco Clark
Material Handling Technology for Aluminum Extrusion


“Search engine optimization promotes our firm to a wide geographical market and across multiple industries—something we could never do effectively with advertising or public relations.  When people search for the services we offer, they find Acoustics By Design. Our prospects are diverse, and they use many different search terms to find solutions to their issues.  We make money serving clients, not prospecting for them.  SEO lets prospects find us for a wide variety of search terms, exactly when they’re looking for what we offer.  That lowers our client acquisition costs dramatically.  SEO is, by far, our most cost-effective new business strategy.”

Kenric Van Wyk
President, Acoustics By Design
Acoustical Consulting Firm


“As we continue to grow our firm and expand into new markets, search engine optimization plays an important role.  With search engines, prospects have the ability to easily search for experts—and perceived expertise often trumps established loyalties when evaluating prospective construction companies.  If a hospital or healthcare architect is seeking to find the best construction partner for a new building project, it’s very easy to do a search for “Michigan healthcare construction” on Google...and it’s important that we show up strongly in those search results.  That kind of exposure and positioning creates opportunities when we otherwise may not have been initially considered.”

Steve East
President, CSM Group
Construction Management Firm

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